Could have been great...but wasn't, for me.

Of Dark and Bright - Kate Sherwood

Ok, this is me taking a deep breath and trying to find a way to get my thoughts in order. I waited to write this review, wrote all the others for this series first, so I didn't let my grumpiness about Evan and a few of the twists and turns of this story bleed into them.
First, there are some awesome reviews what this book is about, so I'm not going to really go I to all of it and again ( I know, I keep saying it, but it deserves repeating) this series really does show flawed men trying to make a difficult relationship between them work. It doesn't gloss over problems and they don't get any easier or any less, despite the amount of books in this series. I do love that about these books! 
Dan, Evan and Jeff have held my attention and my interest throughout every story! the side and supporting characters are well done and just as interesting. 
But this book has a lot going on, and for me! it was too much and it didn't really fit into the rest of the series or how I saw this trios life. 

Dan's fugitive, pregnant sister shows up, Evan helps with money and connections, but then pulls some pretty bad shit, again, it's all about what Evan wants and needs and how he does it is is really crappy. That is NOT how you try and have a real relationship, with one or two other people. Asshat.
Then the whole drama around Krista ( Dan's sister) and her baby, and the show-down. Yep, too much dramarama for me and again, it just felt totally out of place in this whole series. 
I KNOW if the whole Krista situation had ended up on the editors floor/delete key/ scrap paper pile I would have been much, much happier. Alas, she and her whole over the top plot twist she brought with her irritated me no end.
And, this is a biggie. Evan and Dan have had a lot of arguments and misunderstandings throughout these books, and all in all I was fine with that, but in this one Evan says and does some stuff that I was not able to get over. He says things to Dan in the barn, horrible, mean, hurtful things and because of some thing that happens right after that I never felt it was resolved. I really needed Evan to grovel and I needed to KNOW he gets it, that he knows how way over the line he was. I always knew he wanted everything his way, and wasn't too picky about how he gets it, he's rich and powerful, I get it, but the things he said to Dan. I can not forgive him, and he didn't even try to change my mind. Sorry, that ruined it for me. I wanted him gone. 
There is talk about them going to counseling together and I really really wish that had been shown and if I had gotten to see progress or a different behavior pattern from them I would have ( maybe) gotten over my skepticism. As it was, it was just a throw away comment.
Then there is little RJ, now he plays a huge roll in the last free short One Bright Star and it felt to me like RJ was now the 'magic potion' to make it all harmonious and better between them. Um..sorry, babies do not 'fix' relationships, if anything they stress them more.
So, while I did on a whole love this series and the way the men had to fight themselves and each other for their happiness and relationship, the twists this one took was a little ridiculous for me and then Evan's crowning as the King of Asshat took away some of my happy. 
I'd still recommend this series to ménage fans and since there are so many in the series you do get a lot of story and more than enough of emotions.