Serenading Stanley

Serenading Stanley - John Inman

Humor isn't always easy, but I enjoyed this authors Shy and the blurb sounded interesting so I decided to give this one a go. 
I'm pretty sure you have to love Stanley's 'voice' to enjoy this story. He's the narrator ( although there are a few small parts from Roger's POV) and he really does have a self-esteem issue.
He sees Roger as a god, gorgeous, smart, kind and wonderful and he's just, well Stanley. 

The people living in this apartment complex are varied and interesting, they added a lot to the story, because seriously, I loved Stanley, but his 'I'm not good enough' got old after a while, so I was glad to have a few other characters to distract me. 
So, anyway, Stanley has the hots for Roger, I mean, who wouldn't, he's described as near perfect. 
“Just the thought made Stanley’s dick move inside his slacks. Or maybe it was due to Roger lecturing him on Aztec sacrificial practices. That was a turn-on, too, but even Stanley had to admit it probably wouldn’t be a turn-on for anyone other than himself. And maybe some long-dead Aztec.”
Roger doesn't give up though, he wants Stanley, he sees more in him than Stanley obviously sees in himself. And I agree with Roger, listening to Stanley putting himself down did get annoying “But we’re so different,” Stanley stammered. “Our looks, our jobs. Our looks.”
“You already said that.”
Stanley groaned. “Well, it’s important.”
“No, it isn’t. It’s only important to you. I wish you could see you the way I see you, Stanley. I want you so much right now I hurt all over. It’s like I’m coming down with the flu. Even my toenails fucking ache.”

Now, once Stanley decides to go for it and let Roger in, he um..really lets Roger in. *snicker snort* It gets really sweet, bordering on sappy. 
So, yes it's a comedy and I enjoyed it, it won't be for everyone, but nothing is, and it does have these nuggets of wisdoms dispersed through out the book Didn’t matter. I already knew. Love only has to hit you in the head once. It doesn’t have to keep clubbing you until you’re unconscious.