Cute and Nothing Serious

Nothing Serious - Jay Northcote

Aptly chosen title. This is sweet and easy, light and sexy and nothing serious.
Mark has finally at almost 30 decided to come out, splitting from his girlfriend of 9 years ( thankfully, she's a nice ex, no evil females in this book) and while moving out finds Jamie.
Jamie not only helps Mark move out, but move on and what starts out as friends with benefits turns into more.
There is no conflict, no angst, no stress. Just two nice guys, falling into bed and then falling into love.
Perfect light 'snack' read for in between heavier, darker reads or like me, in between other light reads. :)

On a very unimportant side note, Jamie suffers from dyslexia and I always appreciate when those kind of issues are woven into a story. It's far more common than you'd think and I like seeing it represented in stories.