Second Chance to Mate - Charlie Richards

Halfway through the game, the rules have changed.
Up until now I had thought fate gives you your ONE true mate. The ONE who completes you, your soulmate. The one you can't live without. because of his family's curse Aaric was able to walk away from Melissa, the woman working late at night in a gas station like 70 years ago? ( I ignored that WTH part). He mourned his chance at having a mate, yet now...all of a sudden Crain is his mate..and wait for it..there is an explanation as to why you get another mate, incase the first one falls through.
All in all it was a typical book for this series, lots of hard dicks, leaking dicks, mate trumps all, even being asshats, bite, claim, sappy, mate mine, rinse and repeat.
I actually like these kind of books, that's why I keep going back to the genre, but I do like some kind of continuity in the world and a little bit of variations in the individual stories. This one was a bit of a letdown.