A White Coat Is My Closet - Jake Wells
Ok, where to start...I'm sure this will be rambling and I apologize in advance for that. I'll try and get all my thoughts down. I was really looking forward to this book and pre-ordered it, sorry to say, it didn't work for me.

At the start I get a pretty unfavorable opinion of Zach. Yes, he's an awesome doctor and an all around good guy, but despite having very low self esteem and constantly thinking he doesn't measure up ( in relation to other men, men he wants to date) he's IMO a snob and condescending. Some of what was said was def. not PC.
A lot of time is spent on how people look in this book! how hot they are, how they are built, how good looking they are...etc.
Now, his thoughts are probably very realistic, but he thinks he can't possibly land one of the hot muscle bound guys he wants, but he looks down on overweight men, or ones that don't measure up to his expectations.

Then this book has far too many unimportant details, each medical procedure is told and explained in great detail, the looks of the father of a child being born is described, a random waitress gets a page, the amount of weight added to his reps at the gym take up half a page, benign conversations that add nothing are told word for word, that just made an already long story much longer and had me skimming and wondering what it was about, why was it included? Was this going to be important later one? No, it wasn't.

Now, Zach is in the closet, it's so ingrained in him, he can't really just stop.

“Deep down, I really did feel ashamed. I would have loved nothing more than to be able to say I was proud of being gay, but I knew that was a lie. The best I could do was to say that for many years, I had been trying to accept it.”

“Decide to stop feeling ashamed. Easier said than done. Sometimes my shame felt so deeply engrained, it didn’t even require conscious thought. It was just there. Wired into me. Influencing every emotion that entered my brain.”

Again, although this is important, it's still repeated and repeated over and over again without me really seeing when and how Zach changes. 
Yes, he was an ass to Sergio and the thought of losing him has him reevaluating but I was only told he's changing, didn't really see any of it. ( and on a side note, Sergio's heart was in the right place, but when you know your partners in the closet, is that how you go to their workplace? )


he knows Zach had a tough time, lost a patient, so he shows up at his closeted lovers workplace with a dozen red roses and is surprised when Zach reacts poorly?

(show spoiler)


Then of course there is the homophobic rant at a restaurant, the homophobic doctor..etc..
And of course then the BIG situation happens and Zach sees the light and all of a sudden he sees that everything he's believed, thought and feared wasn't as important as he always thought it was.

Yeah, so, as a romance it didn't work for me at all, because I really didn't see it, I know we are told a few things, and see a few dates, but except for knowing that Zach thinks Sergio is hotter than hell I didn't feel their love/relationship at all, probably because the story was so bogged down by so many other things. Oh and there are no on page sex scenes, despite everything else in this book being described in great detail, didn't bother me, but figures I mention it. 

The highlight for me was Zach's interactions with his small patients. Finally I decided to see this story more as one of Zach finding his way out of the closet and his life as a doctor. A bit more of a 'coming of age' for lack of a better term, maybe a 'coming into ones self' then it's an ok read, but as a love story it didn't work for me, and even his coming out felt a little forced, he did chose to come out, but again, it felt like life forced his hand and not that he made a conscious choice. 

So, while I'm sure there are people that will love this story, I didn't. It needed editing to keep from dragging with tons of unimportant details, and honestly the Zach we are shown, especially in the beginning didn't endear him to me and probably colored my perception of him.