Watch out for the baby, it might bite!

Accidental Alpha (Pack Partners) - Poppy Dennison

Cute start to a new series ( even if it didn't end on a cliffy it did leave me wanting more and wanting it now, some day in the future I will learn to NOT start these books until all of them are out...) 
Lex, grumpy and annoyed at his life, he's an ex cop and he's an ex because of an injury. He moved out to the boonies but his neighbor has more people over than he would like. It interrupts his grumpiness. So when a little bitty baby bites him, his life changes. He stays grumpy for a while but not for long.
It's a cute twist on the usual shifter lore and I liked it a lot, there are tons of things I want to know..Spencer's history, Nathan's history, I'm guessing Ruby might have a story to tell..and was Taylor's car accident really an accident..and when is the biting going to commence?
Will Mia see more in Justin and will anyone in the damn pack learn to knock? Tune in next time to see how the fur flies!