Half A World Away

Half the World Away - Jessica Skye Davies

You know, I'm sort of on the fence with this one.
I liked it and well I also found some of it lacking..maybe it was the length, or that I found the blurb wasn't really what I found the book to be about...
I don't know, but I'll start with the basics. Dade, a photographer, is in the Australian bush on an assignment from his magazine. His colleague Seamus is there with him, which is a good thing, because Dade is a tad bit grumpy and manages to make a bit of an ass of himself.
Once that's settled Dade, Seamus and their newly acquired guide Elliot get enough pictures and infos for a great story.
During that week Elliot and Dade grow closer, but it's really only in their thoughts, it's a friendship for sure, but they are both thinking more long term after such a short acquaintance. 

Now in London it's Cade's turn to play guide and they grow closer still. 
Here's the part that might bother some of my friends [
Dade is in a 'relationship' with Jackson, his rich American boss, but he's also pretty sure they aren't in one. Jackson never has time for him and it hasn't been 'real' in a long time, if it ever was. They don't talk or email or anything else, so I see Dade's point about it being over, but there is a twist with him that changes that a bit. So, technically there is cheating, but honestly it didn't bother me and of course the author made Jackson a huge asshat, so you felt he deserved whatever he got anyway. (hide spoiler)]
(show spoiler)

I loved Dade and Elliot sightseeing in London, I liked Elliot's dismay at some of the posh and snobby things, although to be honest, half the time I had no clue what he was actually saying, that Aussie slang was a bit much for me. 
It was a bit insta love, I guess, I would have loved to see more of them together, but I guess the time they did spend was 'quality time' so that helped make it believable, I was just missing a bit of connection or real emotional investment in the MCs.
The last chapter was cute and romantic. All in all it was a quick, light, sweet, with no on page sex and actually pretty conflict free story.