Thank goodness for the dog.

You Were Always the One - Hollis Shiloh
Maybe 2.75*

I pre-ordered this book, the blurb sounded great and the cover was cute.
It didn't quite live up to my expectation, the constant crying and tears and annoying behavior from Jamie and the arrogant and rude behavior from Max, not to mention him treating Jamie like he's 12 and the huge pile of guilt he keeps rehashing for wanting his ex-best friend's little brother. ( There is only 3 years age difference between the two.)
The concept was good, Max helps Jamie out of a tough spot, they rekindle their friendship and then fall for each other.
But Jamie was so dang needy and sniffling all the time and considering Max is supposed to be a cop, he didn't clue in at all as to why that might be.
I thought Jamie's tantrums were exhausting but his older brother Mason was only in the book to cause stupid drama. He kicked his best friend out of his life cause he was gay, but it never dawned on him that Jamie was gay?
Um, yeah. 

And it was never explained how and why Mason came to the conclusion he did. 
Mason just randomly shows up, punches Max and accuses him of raping Jamie when the were kids! How does he come to this conclusion, and when? It happens that Jamie was raped, but by a conveniently now dead guy, but did Mason find some sort of evidence Jamie was raped that made him come and attack Max? we never find out, it's totally random and that bothered me.  
(show spoiler)

I think possibly if the book had been longer and maybe Jamie's POV was shown to explain his behavior better , I would have enjoyed it more, but here a college graduate is acting like a 12 year old and his lover treats him like one. I guess maybe when you fall into roles in childhood that maybe they stick? 
It wasn't bad, but I wasn't invested and if anything I was annoyed by all the characters. Alex the dog was the highlight for me and she gets a star all for herself!