Beware, Mandy is ranting.

Absinthe - Julia Talbot, B.A. Tortuga

Ranting and spoilerish, you have been warned, proceed at your own risk.

I was actually looking forward to this one, I love paranormals, I love when one MC/mate is stupid and pushes his mate away and then needs to make amends.
Here, I didn't like it, at all. I was actually angry and the only reasons I finished were that it was only 112 pages on my iPad and I kept hoping against hope that Barthe would turn around and man up.
Didn't. Happen. If anything it got worse. But it's only my opinion, I'm sure others will enjoy it just fine.

So, let's recap, Rene ( as a very young pup) was found half dead and taken in by a pack, yet he never fit in, never was accepted. His mate Barthe is older and wants to give him time to grown up before claiming him ( that in and of itself is admirable) but you know, be nice to him, be kind, help ease his way, accept him, and that in turn would help him find his way in the pack.. that would have been the thing to do. 
Barthe ignores him and then embarrass and rejects him in front of the pack.
Ok, Rene takes off and Barthe finds him finally, years later. Is he apologetic? NO. Is he kind and worried and takes care of him now? NO. Does he feel bad and make amends? NO.
He is rude and spanks him and ties him up and mates him.
Ok, yes Rene feels the mate pull and loves Barthe and always has, but you know the guy has a crappy track record, no wonder Rene was skeptical. But again, Barthe doesn't woo, he takes and spanks. 
*takes break to stop steaming*
Then all of a sudden there is this turn of events and Bastian and Greg are introduced. ( Bastian is Barthe's brother and Greg is this poor guy that was bitten by a were and is now caught in between human and wolf).
Just to show you how sweet this family is, they do take Greg in and want to help him! ease his pain and suffering so dear Bastian :“He’s still stuck, I think we need hoodoo.” Bastien had tried everything from biting to beating to sex, the last not even happening, as it was too painful.”
Great, let's beat it out of the guy...anyway. Barthe actually says at one point he wants to talk to Rene and clear the air..guess what? they have sex.* insert mate/mine forever yes yes, harder mate here * 

So. All in all. I did not like it, which is a shame, I wanted to know more about Rene's history, why was he abandoned? I wanted and needed Barthe to grovel a bit ( ok, a lot) and show remorse . I wanted him to stop calling and treating Rene like a 'pup'. Didn't get that, instead I got a lot of angry sex and an MC I didn't like at all and no explanation of the 'world' this is set it, I did get the set up to the next story I guess, which will be Greg and Bastian's, which I won't be reading.