Fox shifters-sounded more exciting than it was.

Healing the Fox - Michelle Houston

I saw a shifter book about foxes, that's not something you see everyday, so it went right on my TBR list.
It was ok, it was short ( really short ) and not a lot of development. We are told they talk and get along and agree and things, but that's about it. It's a fine 10 minute read, but nothing memorable. I think had it been longer, Scott's job explained more, the shifter world in this book given a little more time, the separation and possibly Cris' thoughts explored it could have been a really interesting read. Instead we have solo shower jerk-off scene but I have no clue what degree Cris is working towards...
Scott is a fox shifter, he works at a refuge and tries to get other shifters out of there and to his place to heal, otherwise they can go crazy and lose themselves to their animal.
The fox (Cris) he brings home is hot, and sexy and well..they get it on..and Scott's fox tries 'to claw and get out' a lot in this book, which is shifter speak for this guy is my mate, I guess.