Maybe more like an overbearing meteor?

Meteor Strike - Silvia Violet

This was a sexy and hot story, no doubt about it. 
Matt crushed on Alan, but Alan made it abundantly clear he was only into hook-ups and was not coming out.
For Matt that was a deal breaker, so he left and moved on with his life. 
At a convention they meet again and with the help of a kilt things heat up.
Now, on the whole I liked it, like I said, it was sexy and even if I found Alan annoying as shit ( ordering Matt around in bed is one thing, but ordering his food and what he did [
applying for a job at the same place Matt works but NOT telling him or even asking if he's ok with it, and knowing Matt is getting a promotion but again, NOT telling him. I didn't like it. He treated Matt and his wishes very cavalier if you ask me
(show spoiler)
]Well, that didn't work for me.
Matt asked him more than once to talk, like on the Skype session and although he opens up at the end about how he feels, I couldn't shake the feeling that all their feelings were about wanting each other sexually, I saw a lot of hot sex, but no conversations or even any form of friendship. Honestly, they said they loved each other, but I couldn't even really see a lot of liking each other. 
If I ignore that, then I liked it.