A hopeful holiday story about new beginnings

Bless Us Every One - Gina A. Rogers


Dagnabit! I wanted this one to be longer.
It would have been amazing as a longer story...oh well, it was really good as it is, but boy..I would have loved more of Tim's backstory. And yes we do get most of Edan's but I think seeing more of it, his fight against his demons, past and present..oh and a look into the future that would have been really good! 
Oh well, anyway, Edan is a bit of a recluse ( that might be an understatement) and I didn't quite get why his family let him get away with it, even knowing the reason, I can just say if he was my son, I would have gone to him as often as I needed to until he realized he couldn't avoid me. But that's a whole other story.
When the ever cheery and Christmas decorating fanatic Tim moves in across the street, it literally changes Edan's life.
Tim has his own history of problems just like Edan, except they both deal with it in very different ways.
I was happy that some of Tim's hopeful and happiness rubbed off on Edan. And when he said :
“We may have gotten the scars while traveling down different paths but the end result is just the same. They’re a reminder of the lives we’ve lead and the things we’ve been through that have cut us deep and left their mark. They’re symbols of our blessings and the second chances we’ve been granted.”
*sniff* so true for all of us. 
Why, oh why wasn't this longer....?