Windfall - Amanda Young

This was a freebie on amazon and since I have enjoyed Amanda Young's other stories I decided to give this one a go today.
What a nice surprise. 
Daniel has a boyfriend ( although I use that term loosely) a job and a hot date with the first after finishing the latter.
Well guess what? He loses both within an hour. Talk about a bad day.
Good thing his best friend Landon is there for him. He moves in with him to help with the bills while Danny keeps looking for a job and tries his best to cheer him up.
Of course Landon has been in love with Danny for years. Danny and his mom took Landon on when his parents kicked him out at 17 and he's been trying to keep a lid on his feelings ever since.
Now I know you are going to be shocked when I tell you...Danny has harbored feelings for Landon too! 
( I know, I was surprised too. *lol*) 
Anyway, add in a good surprise and a bad one and lots of hot sexy time and I was entertained for a while. :)