Oh My! A m/m/m by Cardeno C. and I'm reading it! Hear me squeeeeee

More Than Everything (Family #3) - Cardeno C.


I don't think I'm giving away any secrets when I say I was really and I mean reallylooking forward to reading this one. I love ménage stories ( really really love them) and I have a soft spot for Cardeno C's books, so to say I was excited for this one, might be a huge understatement. 

Anyway, back to the book, we have Charlie (“Chase”) Rhodes, he is unapologetically himself. He might be small in stature but he really does have a huge presence. He's flamboyant and cute, funny and sensitive. His 'voice' and narration is what really made this book for me, the other two were ok, but Charlie takes the cake ( after he bakes it, that is.)

Scott Boone is Charlie's first love and friend from the age of 15 until he left him his second year of college. I mostly only have Charlie's opinion of him and he thought Scott was golden, perfect, sexy and wonderful. And he was, if a bit bland compared to sparkling Charlie.

Adan Navarro, the toughest to love. He's grumpy, standoffish, socially inept and even inconsiderate. And what he thinks and says to and about Charlie...oh boy, that made me very grumpy.
But I also heard his other thoughts and feelings and know he isn't quite as bad as he looks.
Well Charlie hears and experiences one too many stupidass things coming out of Adan's mouth he (rightly) kicks him to the curb.

Alas, Charlie is a dancer and choreographer and he continues on with his life, even if there is a piece of his heart missing, his trust shattered and he's given up on finding anyone like the two men he still loves.
That is, until the unexpected happens.
Now, this book is told backward, Charlie starts this book in the here and now and then goes back to the beginning. I actually really liked the twist in how the story is told, it worked well for me. The first half is from Charlie's POV and then we switch between the three in alternating chapters.
This is how Charlie describes his way of sharing the story:
“Oh, and don’t freak out about flashbacks, okay? Think of it more like you’re hearing a story from beginning to end, with a little bit of narration in the middle. It’ll be okay; I promise. Just follow along.” 

This book is all about Charlie, even when Scott or Adan are telling their version, it's still about him, the one that got away. And since I love Charlie I thought that was just how it should be. They need to make amends and regain his trust and you know, a little groveling never hurt either.

Charlie isn't a whiner, he deals and moves on even when he hurts, he's upbeat and positive and he deserves his HEA more than everything.
Despite there being some serious issues and difficulties, this is a happy story, a sweet story, unabashedly so, and it's a sexy story with a dash of Cinderfella. It's not complicated, it's not full of drama, I want to be happy when I finish a book, I want to be entertained and smile and sigh when I read. And this book gave me all that and more. It is a great addition not only to my 'm/m/m'shelf but also my 'favorites'shelf. I want to just bask in the sexy sweetness that is Charlie and his harem of two. 
My only complaint might be that the ménage relationship starts relatively late in the game but oh well, I can't have it all I guess, and I have to add I absolutely love the cover.