Unexpected Rescue...

Unexpected Rescue - Silvia Violet


Ok, a navy seal knows he and his men were betrayed on a mission, but no one believes him ( *imagine I'm saying this in a hushed and serious voice* ) he's hiding from the bad guy and trying to figure out what to do with his life now.
He sees a man out on the water, barely holding on to his kayak. Jackson, despite his terrible leg injury jumps in to action and rescues him. He knows it's the bad guys doing and he needs to protect Addy from them.
Action ensues, shots are fired, bombs are thrown, flashbacks happen, people are injured.

by the way, I'm pretty sure the bad guy ring leader wasn't caught so I'm still not sure if all the danger is over for these guys or not.

(show spoiler)

Then an annoyingly meddlesome friend intervenes and ..who knew, a SEAL can actually do sweet and sappy.
It was actually a sweet read, I really liked Addy and Jackson was one of those tough injured guys, who isn't really all that tough. Maybe a little insta everything, but that's ok with me.