Um..maybe kitty litter?

Here Kitty, Kitty - Joyee Flynn

I don't even know where to start with this review ( I use that term loosely, cause I'm just going to go to town on this story).
I like ménage stories, no, I LOVE m/m/m. I also love paranormals, growling shifters and this one (in theory) had everything I could ever want.
Unfortunately it had a saber tooth tiger shifter who after escaping decades in captivity stumbles across his mates ( yes sabers need two, because they have such a hug sex drive). So, he shifts in front of the humans and tells them he needs to claim them as his mates or he will die in two day. But you know, no pressure.
There was a lot going on in this book, foremost tearing up and crying,baby,  giggling, saying mate, sex, saying want you and love you, more tears, baby, learning about shifters, more giggling, more sex, some tears, baby, nipple piercing ( on that note, you do not pierce nipples with earrings, and you do not like, bite and nibble on them within minutes of piercing!) some drama, tears, sex and more sex and another round of my mate all around and sappy tears and more sex, baby. 

Now, it sounds like I didn't like it, and in a way I didn't, but it was also so ridiculous that it was entertaining, in its own strange way.