Great start to my Sunday.

The Alpha's Ardor (Wolves of Flathead, #1) - Rebecca Brochu

Finally, finally a mate-mine-growl-alpha-wolfy-book and not a stupid annoying alpha in sight.
I have had a bad run with my shifter books lately, either asshat alpha types or lots of tears and crying or just plain annoying plots being regurgitated time and time again.
Here there is an interesting ( if, as of yet underdeveloped) plot behind Declan and Lachlan's need to be on the run and trust no one. 
They had to separate to escape this newest threat and Declan lands in one of the strongest and most powerful wolf territories and right in front of the alpha too.
This will either go well or very very poorly for him.
Guess what? It went well. ( surprise! ) 
I loved Law, he's such a sweet, sappy romantic Alpha, giving Declan time ( and a little more than one explanation, since Declan didn't quite get it the first few times).
I liked that it wasn't this immediate 'mate-mine-sex-now' within minutes of meeting, no not at all. 
So, I liked it as a quick, interesting and steamy shifter book and I really want to read the next now!! 
When is it going to be out? When?