They tasted more than cherry blossoms, just sayin'.

Tasting Cherry Blossoms - Marie Medina

This is set in the year 3000 something, yet they have candles and horse carriages and no technology. There is also a ruling class, those are the vampires and the humans, at least some, are servants.
Simon is a young servant, he's perfectly happy with his place in life, until this vampire comes up and says he's his mate.
Ettore is a 200 + year old vampire and thrilled to have found Simon.
He packs him up and takes him to his new non-servant life. Simon needs to get his head around that and he's also a apprehensive about sex. Ettore is a sensitive and understanding old vampire, so Simon can just take his time. 
Some drama ensues and the set-up for the next book with the next couple is included.
It's a very easy, fluffy angst and stress-free read. Nothing new or exciting, but not bad either.