My Girl - Stormy Glenn

This is one of those stories I think I would have enjoyed more when I first started reading m/m.
I did like the idea behind the story. Seth is gay, always has been, has no doubts about it, until he meets Nicky, and is in lust. But Nicky is a girl, so understandably Seth is confused.

Now ..here I get a little spoilerish..so be warned.

Seth's friend Ricky sees in seconds that Nicky is a guy! Seth has talked to Nicky and lusted and didn't notice..hmm..strange. Then he finds out Nicky is a guy and freaks and gets mad because he was in lust and confused about it. I don't see how that is in any way shape or form Nicky's problem. Why is he mad at Nicky. He can live and dress however he wants and it's none of Seth's business! and getting pissed at Nicky because he's confused? Stupid! 
Ok, I'll move on, now the Nicky was in witness protection but the men protecting him were murdered and his friend, yet the cop shows up and explains all of this to a random guy ( Seth) because Nicky was talking about him..oh well.
Do NOT apply logic or any reality to this story and you'll be ok.

The rest was instant love, seriously INSTANT love. As soon as Seth finds out Nicky is a guy he's giving him jewelry and says he loves him and wants to spend his life with him.
It's a totally fluffy and sort of silly kind of story, it was ok, but it could have been really good.