The only time you'll hear me say I love housekeeping! ( lol)

Housekeeping - Kim Fielding

“NICKY HAUSER’S life fell apart on a Tuesday.”

That's the first sentence in this book and of course it had me hooked.
It was Nicky's 29th birthday, and this was not the best start to his new year of life. His asshat boyfriend is not only cheating, he is his boss (not that he actually paid him) and it's his house Nicky was living in. So now he's without a home, a job or a clear path to his future. 
“He wasn’t a kid anymore, dammit. His life should be heading somewhere—and he should have someone at his side for the journey."

Nicky is a great guy, he has wonderful friends and an accepting family, but he's not in a good place in his life at the moment. He feels like he should be settled, in a career and a stable relationship, but he has none of those things. "But maybe even more than that, he missed the stability and comfort of a real home, of having someone to call his own.
Not that he’d ever really had those last things."

He is staying with friends and when the opportunity to house-sit comes up, one thing leads to another and he ends up living with Spencer.
This story is told from Nicky's POV and even if I always wish for the other MCs view of things, I still got a really good feel for who Spencer is.

Spencer is a slob, which is a good thing, since that's why he needs Nicky in the first place. 
He works a lot and is successful, but he's lonely.
That's one of the things I loved most about this story, at first glance Spencer was the 'lucky' one, he's successful has a thriving career and a big house and an expensive car. But he's alone, only his sister is still talking to him, no social life, no friends, no love in his life. Nicky, at first glance has nothing. No career, no possession, no home and an unreliable heap of a car. But he has good friends, he knows he has a family that will always welcome him and he's loved.

This is a novella but it didn't feel rushed, I saw Nicky finding and achieving goals, having a place to call home. I saw Spencer and Nicky spending time together, getting to know each other. Spencer finally feeling more comfortable and coming out of his shell and out of his office. I loved that they had so much to offer the other, to make the house a real home. 
“I’d give up the damn house before I’d give you up. I’d give up my job, all my electronics shit, my car. I’d shred my fancy college degrees. I’d give every penny I own before I’d let you go. Do you feel the same way?”

*sigh* This is a sweet and romantic story that left me smiling and happy. I just wanted to give everybody great big hugs by the end of it.