Super sweet holiday story that left me scratching my head.

A Christmas Memory - Max Vos

Ok, let me explain..this story would easily have gotten 1* more just for being a totally sweet, opposites attract, syrupy sugar dose of Holiday Spirit, but there is a scene near the end that took it down a bunch. I read a few reviews of this one and no one mentioned it that I could see, so maybe it's just me being picky and difficult, so ...

The main gist of the story was cute. JJ is a brand new teacher, he has a 'persona' he portraits at work, complete with the clothes, hair, glasses etc to just fly under the radar and do his job.
He had a pretty miserable childhood and no family or Christmas memories to speak of.
Adam 'Coach' Sutton is the opposite, he has a very very affectionate family, is popular and outgoing and has set his sights on JJ.
It really is pretty instant love/lust on Adam's part and JJ soon follows. I don't mind, it's a short, it's a feel good Christmas story, all things I can go with. I don't mind some of the more 'interesting' terms and phrases, I'm pretty easy going but alas, that one scene, which was probably meant to be romantic and a great show of something was not for me.

But, to get back to my WTF moment..[
Adam tells JJ all he wants for Christmas is JJ forever, to live/love/marry him and how does JJ accept and make this happen? How, you ask? Well, I will tell you. On Christmas morning while Adam is asleep he lubes him up and without a condom has sex with him. 
Now, the sex with a sleeping guy is fine, Adam wakes up and it's not like there is any reason to believe Adam would mind, no he would be and is thrilled with that. What I have a MAJOR issue with is JJ deciding to go sans condom on his own. There was NO discussion, it wasn't brought up before! It hadn't even been mentioned in passing, also no ' I'm clean' nothing..that is NOT something one person gets to decided by him/herself no matter the reason behind it. I personally didn't find it romantic or a statement of love, I found it irresponsible, rude, moronic and a betrayal of sorts. 
(show spoiler)

So, obviously it isn't something that bothered others, (but I couldn't not mention it) so ignore me.