Not what I was expecting..unfortunately.

Scanty Santa - Troy Storm
Umm..honestly, I have no clue what to say about this story.

The blurb makes it sound like it's more than it is.
Two guys live in the same neighborhood but have never even spoken, Sam dressed as Santa the stripper needs a lift to a gig and Evan being duly impressed by all of Sam'sasssets offers to drive. One things leads to another. 
There is a raunchy show and they end up together. 
I guess if you see it as funny and light ( and seriously with this kind of dialog) “The man-sized eggs got a fine tongue washing, an excellent mouth massage” or "I grabbed his tits—stubby, finger-sized nubs that were like baby pricks digging into my palms—and held on for dear life.” How can you take it seriously? 
So as pure sex fluff, I guess it's ok.