Triad - Cheyenne Meadows

In theory this should have been the perfect book for me.
I LOVE m/m/m and I'm a huge shifter/paranormal fan..add in the growly mate component and I'm a happy Mandy.

But here I was sort of bored, the rogue killer pack part was so ridiculous and boring and over so quickly and easily I kept thinking I much have missed something. 
The relationship part was just all of them having lustful hardons but Dillon doesn't want another alpha in the mix ( and jeeze the word alpha is mentioned over 80 times..) and Copper the lion-alpha shifter doesn't want to be a one time thing and that's all it can be with a mated wolf pair- he thinks. And Rick, Dillon's wolf mate knows it will work.
Add in lots of sex and butt slapping. 
I forced myself to finish, it wasn't bad, but it didn't have anything to hold my interest either.