Poor little omega meets his alpha mate

Out of the Shadows - Kalista Kyle

If you like a small abused shifter all alone in the world, being stalked by his evil crazy powerful ex, but like a knight in shining wolf in comes his true mate to help him, then this might be the book for you.
Joshua just got out of an abusive relationship but Reed the crazy ex isn't taking no for an answer. 
Joshua's new boss Caleb is his mate! and he's sexy a no he's caring and he's just the best ever...
He rescues Joshua from Reed and slowly ( this part I liked, they know they are mates, but they do not consummate it immediately, they take a few days ...) get to know each other.
This storyline has been done tons of times, in all different variations, this one isn't anything new or different, but fine if you're looking for the hurt-comfort, boss-secretary, evil-stalking-ex and wolf shifter book.