Sweet and strange...

Gift-Wrapped - Sam Hill

This is sort of sweet and sort of weird.
Noah is at school far away from home and can't make it back for the holidays. 
I had a little confusion as to why his best friend since grade school is also in New York when they are both from LA, it plays no role in the story, but it did make me wonder.
Well anyway, homesick Noah keeps getting small 'secret Santa ' gifts left at his workplace. Each and everyone is perfect for him and shows that whoever is giving them knows a lot about him. *cue creepy music*
It's not hard to figure out who it is and the ending was sweet, but somehow the whole thing felt a little random. Why was the stalker so enamored with him? And a few friends were in on it, but Noah had no clue who this guy is! didn't even know his name....