Almost missed out on this one

Celebrating You - Grace R. Duncan

First I have to say, had I just read the blurb of this book I would have passed it up. It isn't the kind of story that would appeal to me, but I pre-ordered the DSP calendar and really do want to read all of the stories and I saw my friend Kris Kindleromance's review of it over on BookLikes and decided, what the heck, I'll read it.

This is set a in post-apocalyptic world. Some kind of virus/illness has destroyed the world as we know it. It's not explained, although some of the ramifications and how people survive is told a bit. 
I like watching shows about what the world will be like after people no longer inhabit it, or all electricity and infrastructure is gone, so I would have enjoyed more details, but it's a holiday love story, so ....

Daniel is a roamer, he and his horse make due. He's still mourning his lover's death from this 'illness' that struck. 
Jake has made a home for himself and I loved his pets and their names! Cute.
He is also trying to move on from losing his husband.

It's a bit of an instant love thing, but you know, when the world as you know it is gone and everyday is a fight for survival..I can go with it. :)
It's actually a pretty sweet and heartwarming story despite the setting.