A Cinderfella story...

The Storyteller - Jenni Michaels

love Fairytales and this one definitely has that feel to it.

Ellis is the heir to a kingdom, even if he isn't the child of the King.
When he stumbles in to Gareth's life, quite literally.
Gareth is a healer in his village, but since his Mother's death a few years before, he's been pretty much alone.
In the few days it takes for Ellis to recover and head back to his kingdom the two men have formed a deep affection for each other.
They both return to the kingdom and there things change for them, in immeasurable ways.
There is no on page sex, which added to the fairytale feel for me, as well as the magic component. 
I liked it a lot, although why Ellis behaved like an asshat some of the times was never explained to my satisfaction. 
Was he really just a jerk sometimes ( we all know, even the best guy has his asshat moments) or did it have some connection to the dark binding magic? And the last sentences in the blurb....well they were really never answered for me.
It ends a little too abruptly for me, with so many open questions, but I'm still really glad I read it and I would love to read more about them and Rosemund and have some of my questions answered.