I guess I need more eggnog

The Healing Power of Eggnog - Jamie Fessenden

The main point of this story, reconciliation, restitution, forgiveness, family, love and acceptance was great.
Will's parents screwed up and lost Will because of it. They have learned their lesson and want to make it better. ( although Dad is still learning, I think)
Will isn't totally innocent, not reading any emails or letters leaves him in the dark about a lot of things. One of those things is Ryan, the young man Will's parents have taken in to their home.
The instant attraction between the two young men was nice, but Ryan seemed very insecure and naive. I guess he's supposed to, but his conversation with Will in the car [

I felt he really put Will on the spot, not on purpose, but one BJ and 24hours of knowing each other and he's wanting a commitment? ]

(show spoiler)

 sort of threw me.
I think I would have liked it better if they had left it at seeing each other and maybe an epilogue to some point in the future showing them together instead of the 2 day love declaration, but shorts are often rushed.