Where You Lead

Where You Lead - Mary Calmes

Honestly, the blurb had me passing this one by. It didn't sound like something I'd want to read, but a few friends read it and alleviated my fears. ( mostly the possessivenessthat was alluded to and had me thinking controlling stalker.) 
So, the blurb doesn't fit the story IMHO but that's ok.
Pete and Carver see each other and it's the beginning of a love affair. 
I had to force myself throughout the first few pages, the dialogue was a bit ridiculous and didn't seem to match the Pete I saw later on in the story. 
We are six months in to their relationship and only see the beginning through their memories, so we have an established couple and one sort of ambushes the other with his decision to move his life.
There really is no conflict or angst, it's a sweet, fluffy, soul-mate, sappily in love and need to be together kind of story.
The small town 'politics' as described by Carver's dad was funny and seeing the issues facing his family, due to his mother's illness is something a lot of adult children can identify with.
It's a sweet story about compromise and bending a little.