Loved one MC and couldn't stand the other MC

Snow Globe - L.E.  Franks

On the one hand, I LOVED this story.
I love the way the disabilities are handled. The love of a family, the goodness and innocents of Bun.
The sweetheart called Kris, what a wonderful man. Loved Eddie. The snow globes and Kris' creativity and love of them and his bravery was really fitting to the heartwarming theme. I so wished Kris had gotten a better man! one who deserved the treasure he is.
On the other hand, I'm going to rant. You are being warned! 
Now Tyr..well, let's just say, he did NOT grovel enough for me. He did nothing for Kris, it was Bun who invited him, it was Eddie that offered him friendship. Tyr took him to another state for a date. He did nothing to make his life better, he literally threw him under the bus. I have no sympathy for him and honestly Kris forgave him far too easily and quickly for me. Kris and Bun get 5* . Tyr and the town..big fat zero stars.