I really liked this one.

Tread Marks & Trademarks - S.A. McAuley

I've had people recommend this author's books to me but somehow never got around to reading one.
Now I'm definitely going to have to go and check out her backlist, because I loved this book.
It's exactly my kind of story.

I am in no way a geeky genius maker jock but I love books about them, I'm also in no way a hot Norse God lookalike but I also love to read books about them.

This seems to have been two shorter books combined in to one story. The first half is told from Alex's POV.
Alex is a genius and as his twin brother Micah loves to call him the maker jock, but he's also cute, sweet and innocent and naive and wicked and some times a little bit high strung when he's stressed.
He's busy in the first half of this story, getting ready to introduce his robot to the world and getting his wish.

“He wanted a man who could appreciate he could read binary code by sight. Someone who knew who Captain Pike was and shared the view that the sight of a man with a paintbrush was just as sexy as a man with a football. He was looking for someone who would care enough to ask why his robot was named the way it was."

This is where Christian comes in, the Thor lookalike and the genius hit it off immediately and I loved watching them together. They are opposites but somehow it works.
“Christian shook his head. “I always knew it would end up this way. From the moment I met him. There’s just no one who’s more imperfectly perfect for me.”
There isn't a lot of sex in this book, but what little there is felt important to the relationship. Which was refreshing for me.

The second half of the book is told from Christian's POV and there is a little bit of drama pertaining to the relationship, but not a lot.
The supporting characters Micah and his boyfriend JT are great. Micah and Alex are twins and have a uniquely close relationship and thank goodness these guys have found fabulous boyfriends. All four of the main characters were likable and I seriously can't wait for Micah's story.
This was a fun, sweet and light read. It was just easy to sit back and enjoy it. I was sort of picturing Alex à la Steve Jobs or Bill Gates working and creating in his brother's garage. I loved how Christian just gets Alex, understands his insecurities, he's super supportive and loves the very things about him that make him different.
This story worked for me on so many levels and I'm sad this book is over.