L.A. Witt – Interview and Giveaway!

In The Only One Who Knows, your knowledge of BUD/S training was amazing and seemed very legit. Do you have first hand knowledge or did this require a lot of research? – The credit for that goes to my co-author, Cat Grant. She did a ton of research on SEAL training to make sure we had it right. In fact, we had originally envisioned the story going in a very different direction, but Cat’s research made it clear it wouldn’t work, so we scrapped the idea and started over.

This book ended on a strong HFN, which appeared to be heading into, hopefully, a HEA. Is the next book still about Walker and Flint, or other guys? – The next book is about Walker and Flint.

How many books are scheduled in this series? Are they all Walker and Flint? – At the moment, there’s just the two books, but Cat and I had a ball writing about those two, so I definitely won’t rule out the possibility of more in the series. Because, I mean, SEALs. What’s not to love?

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