Adam and Joe : part 2

When Adam Kissed Me - Chris Scully
review I really enjoyed Inseparable and was glad to finally get around to reading this sequel.
This one is from Joe's POV and it's cute to see him suffering. ( I might be a teeny tiny bit evil) 
He has loved Adam all his life. He's his beat friend, they really have been Inseparable almost their whole lives.
After a scare they finally admit their feelings for each other, which of course brings a whole new set of problems with it.
Joe is a little insecure, he thinks and thinks and over thinks all the things that could go wrong and worries too much. Finally Adam has enough.
There are some touching flashbacks to important milestones in their relationship over the years and we see them finally, finally understand where they are now.
It's cute, it's funny, it's sweet and I loved Joe and all his sniffling!