Fire And Air

Fire and Air - Pelaam

The blurb intrigued me, I love magic and paranormal elements in my stories and this one sounded different from the usual shifters and mages.
Kenton and his friend and business partner Nathan, work with the police to help solve crimes. It seems this book is set in our world and time, but where magic and 'extra' abilities aren't unusual or at least not shunned.
Kenton has ESP, he can see and read auras. He can trace them and see the emotions.
I would have loved to see more of his abilities and how he uses them in his work. Here he is working on an arson case and while he's trying to trace whoever set the fires he finds or rather is found by Con.
Con is mysterious, seems to know more then he's letting on and hides his emotions, but despite all that there is NO way Kenton can withstand the sexual attraction he feels for the man.
That was my issue with this story, I know they had an almost irresistible sexual pull and of course that can cause stronger feelings, but I only saw them spend any real time together outside of sex once.
It also wasn't clear why Con had to keep everything from Kenton, his reasons didn't really make sense to me. The lust turned to love very suddenly, I wasn't sure if it was related to the strong, possibly magical attraction or if it was just that way between these two men.
I think if this had been longer and I could have seen the relationship and feelings develop between Con and Kenton I would have liked it better, only getting Kenton's POV also kept me from getting any real feel for Con.
I did like the setting and the interesting abilities that some of the people possessed and I would love a longer story set in this world.