Left me grumpy

A Perfect Passion - Piper Kay

I'm gonna rant here...at least about one part of this story, you've been warned! 

Ok, in theory this is a GFY with an asshat crazed ex and a poor guy thinking he only brings bad things upon those he loves.
All of that would have been fine, although Dax takes to the gaysex and all like a fish to water and he eventually after being stupid ( and yes, I don't mean to demean his feelings, but seriously, you saved the guys life, you didn't harm him and then the crazed attack on Aaron and you get away with that) they get together and live happily and angst free.
Then the stupid f*ing epilogue 
That made me grumpy. It was annoying, stupid and reminded me of those ridiculous movies that end and then they throw in another scene at the end and leave you hanging. Grrrrr...