Falling For Archie

Falling for Archie (sweet gay romance) - Hollis Shiloh

This was a freebie for a little while on amazon and I grabbed it.
I'm glad I did, it was cute.
Harris is getting close to 40, he's introverted and solitary. He writes instruction manuals for home and really only has one friend.
Archie is younger, cuter and clumsier. He is hired to help Harris around the house, although some of his skills are sort of lacking, but he makes up for it, by being sweet and friendly and all of a sudden Harris isn't lonely anymore.
Now this is told completely from Harris' POV, I think I would have liked to get a little look at Archie's POV.
This is a very 'muted' story, in the sense that there are no real on page sex scenes, more fade to black and no constant hard-ons or leaking dicks either, which was a nice change. Also no dramatics or drama, just a couple of nice guys finding each other.