I might rant a bit here...actually I'm pretty sure I do.

Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf - B.G. Thomas

This is one of those stories that frustrates me no end, because it leaves me liking some parts quite a bit and happy, but still grumpy and frustrated about other parts.
Nick is a an asshat, no doubt about it. He's arrogant, conceited, and honestly, yes I felt for him , having such stupid, bigoted parents, but he's 30 now, successful and he was kicked out with a trust fund so personally I felt he didn't quite need all the drama and bitterness that Nick kept spewing. 
I know he apologized later but I have a hard time getting over thoughts and comments like : “Then she got what she deserved. What self-respecting person would live off of somebody else? It’s practically stealing.”
After hearing about a lesbian woman who lost everything after the death of her partner. Or this one? As a (now) stay at home mother of three I deal with stupid shitlike this enough.
“Your mom doesn’t work?” Nick shook his head. “Too busy watching soap operas and eating bonbons?”( so of course Kit's mom had to have FIVE children, as if to justify to the reader that it's ok to stay home and raise your children, because just having one or two wouldn't be enough to allow for that..grrrrr) 
Slowly steps off soapbox, 
My issue was I really didn't see Nick change and open up until he and Kit start talking art.
Had Kit not been an artist or ignorant of all things art, would anything have changed? 
Then there is Kit, he's cute and sweet, but possibly a bit too much of a good thing. My dad does not swear, ever, but he doesn't sound this ridiculous either. Kit is an adult and this sounds more like a 5year old. “Golly. Kit felt his stomach fill with butterflies. Nick was so… weird. One minute he was such a total cheese nug, and the next he could be so nice.” or “You really are a grumble monkey, aren’t you? We were having a good time, and now you’re being all poopie!”

But I did like the Scrooge to hopeful and happier Nick change and I like that he's found acceptance with Kit and his family and most of all, he finally realized what his issue has been all this time and wants to change. 
I also liked that sometimes one little thing can literally alter the course of a life. And that was the case here.
I think I would have liked a little epilogue of them a few years down the road, just to be sure that Nick really did get it

On a side note [

 why on earth would Nick want to leave his Art Gallery to his asshat parents? Of he's going to give them the finger by killing himself on the day they kicked him out, why give them that? Why not to Spencer, who at least tried to love him? (hide spoiler)]

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oh, the cover is cute though.