Heartbreaking and hopeful

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart



I love ménage stories, they are my absolute favorite kind of story to read. 
So I gobble up all the ones I find, but I can say I have never read one that was quite like this one.
There are books that somehow just stay with you, at least that's how it is for me, the first book I remember really leaving an impression on me, even now, decades later was Where the Red Fern Grows, there have been a few more over the years likeRavages and now this one, Broken Pieces.
I can't always remember the whole story, but I can still remember the emotions I felt while reading.

I loved this one, I loved watching these three men, all Broken Pieces coming together to make a whole.
To ease the guilt and to fill the void with love and affection they all so desperately need.
I do have to say I wish there had been a little more lightness or happy times interspersed in the story, it was emotional, lots of painful and dark moments in the lives of these men. I wanted and needed a few more uplifting times to keep me from feeling like I'm just waiting for the other show to drop. I kept dreading, unnecessarily, what was to come. There will be a continuation of their story and I will definitely be reading it and hoping that I will see the happiness in them I know they deserve. 

I also want to add, the walks on the beach, alone, as a couple, or all three was such a great thread throughout the story, and those walks were some of the best moments for me.

The story is divided in three parts and with alternating POVs within each part. Which again is one of my favorite things, I like being in each MCs head and knowing what they are thinking and feeling. Although honestly, sometimes it was hard, all of them have at times such sad, dark and depressing moments. Although it did make the ending so much better. 

Josiah is in all three parts, and there is a reason he is, this is a book about all three men, but as the other men know it's “... because he held them together. He was the glue that made all their broken pieces fit to make them whole.”

In Part One we meet Josiah and Mateo, they are in the same foster home and these two very different boys finally find something that they have never had before. Friendship, love and someone to depend on, to feel safe with. 
There is something about Josiah that draws Mateo and changes him, makes him want things he knows he really can't have.“Takin’ care of you is all I have. The only good thing I have.”

Part Two is after Mateo sends him away, Josiah went where he dreamed of living with Mateo, hoping and wishing for Teo to come and find him. I was so chocked up, reading about Josiah walking on the beach, feeding the birds everyday just hoping that one of those days his love would come back to him. 
“He was supposed to share this with Mateo and he never had. For these few minutes, those empty rooms that filled him again after Teo sent him away”

Years and years have gone by, and he still loves him, still has him in his heart and mind daily. He works, goes to school, but he doesn't really live not without Mateo.
When Tristan comes into Josiah's life it's a slow progression of friendship and then love. Tristan looks like he has it made, but actually he's the most emotionally repressed of all of them. Like Mateo he has guilt and regrets, and just like Mateo he sees something in Josiah that draws him in.
He wants to help and take care of Josiah too, protect him and love him, even if he can't admit that, to Josiah or even himself.
And again years go by, Tristan and Josiah have made a life together, it's not perfect but it's good, but for Josiah Mateo is still a missing piece. And Tristan is still so closed off that I'm not sure the relationship could make it longterm.

Part Three comes and with it Mateo. 
Here are two men who love Josiah, want the best for him and put his welfare before their own.
They both see something in him that, I think, helps ease what they hate in themselves.
Mateo was his past, although I'm not sure that's quite right either, he's always been with Josiah, even when he wasn't physically there. And Tristan is his present and his future. 
Poor Josiah, torn, literally between two men he loves. He is so loyal, loving Teo even after he sent him away and stayed away for so long, and loving Tristan, who can't even say the words I Love You back.
“Josiah laid a hand on Tristan’s stomach, breathing deeply. “I don’t know if I can tell him goodbye, but I can’t walk away from you, either.”

Even though Teo wasn't actually in Part Two, he was present through Josiah, so Tristan knows something needs to give.
“I’ve shared you with him ever since I’ve known you. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be here right now. He’s always been a part of you, Josiah.” Which in a way meant he’d always been a part of them.”

Mateo and Tristan not only see he same things in Josiah, they actually see a lot of themselves in each other. They are far more alike than it appears at first glance.
I liked watching them getting to know the other and then falling for each other.
“Because he’s as broken as me. It was different with Josiah, because even though he had his own painful past, it had always been about love for him."

I think Josiah explains it best, how these three very different men not only find each other but fit together and actually need each other.

“Maybe most things, the important things, don’t really have to make sense. Maybe they just are.”

And that's how this is. These three beautifully different and broken men just need each other to make their lives not only whole, but happy and worth living.