More like sex with Rhett and more sex with Rhett and more...

Repairs With Rhett - Hollis Shiloh

Well, this was a amazon freebie and I've enjoyed this authors stories before, so I decided to give it a go.

Lex needs a job. Rhett had an ad in the paper for someone to help him fix up a house and turn it.
They (very) quickly find they work well together not only in the bedroom ( or the bathroom, or the shed, or the roof or the kitchen or the wall or the grass...).
Rhett is very needy and demanding in the bedroom. He wants sex all the time and he wants it a little rough and a little bossy. Lex is happy to oblige. 
Rhett also seems a little insecure and unsure of himself a lot of times, and Lex has a strong urge to please Rhett and make him happy.
I think a little more of them doing something other than having sex and getting to know each other and allowing me a little more insight and I would have liked it a lot more.