Hearts Forged in Fire - Cassandre Dayne, Toby Sullivan
I'm going to rant and be've been warned! 

Ok, the only thing I really liked about this book was Bodacious Girl and her foal. 
Now, I am NOT picky about typos and such, honestly I'm not, I can usually overlook them, but they were so numerous here, typos, wrong words, missing words...etc.
And dear heavens everyone in this book either hiss or hissed or hissing Nobody whispered or moaned or shouted or said or ...well you get my point, they were all hissing! I was a little afraid it was more of a snakes on the ranch was called rattlesnake ranch after all. *sigh*
Now to the story, the barebones of it was fine, but the execution didn't work for me at all.
Drake makes his first appearance in the book being picked up in the hotel bar by a local and almost having very rough sex in the bathroom until two guys come in and he stops...
Then his ex is the big evil female. Stealing all his money, house, reputation and just evil and vindictive..( yeah, I'm so over that trope).
Then the other is getting over his lover David dying ( and it felt like pulling teeth finding out how he died).
And a lot of tears ( although that's actually ok) and then the ever present I'm making a decision FOR you and because I know what's better for you than you do, and I'm not telling you why I'm doing what I'm doing... 
And then of course the instant love...despite them both being stupid and actually not very likeable. 
And ..did I get it right? Zeke was in the closet with David ( cause them living together was no cause for suspecting) but his sister auctions him off to a man and announces that they have a hotel room all to themselves ...*scratches head* 

As always your mileage may vary and it might just be me...maybe.