Accepting the Alpha (Great Lakes Wolves #1) - J.J. Black
This is what I get for being such a sucker for sales. *hangs head in shame*

I love shifter stories, I love fated mates, I don't mind GFY.
What I don't like it washy washy behavior that's inconsistent, I don't like asshats and stupidity and well.i also don't like this book's MC Kellan.
So...we have the über evil alpha father, the deranged stalker, the other deranged twink stalker, a best friend and beta set up for the next story, and a brother and another lone wolf for another book oh and a horrible conspiracy and obviously lots of crazy shifters..
But, back to this one...Kellan sees Eli in the bar...they talk for one minute and Eli ( who was straight until he walks in to that bar) leaves to get a drink. Kellan sees him hit on and just has to intervene and grab his mate within seconds they are making out on the dance floor.
*cue screw-ish twinks entrance* 
Then it's like I'm not gonna force you to be my mate but then he sort of does...
Then the alpha wants his mate, his lover, his parter, but he has this need to be the dominant partner and keeps playing the * I'm that alpha, you have to do as I say*. Um yeah you're the alpha, but really pulling rank like that in the bedroom, or rather the office? Not cool. ( I don't think they actually made it in to the bedroom.)
annoyed the beejeeze out of me Eli is a huge beta and Keelan treats him like a little woman ( hint, the reason I switched from m/f to m/m was to get away from that annoying stereotype) Now, Eli does stand up for himself, but gives in anyway, and Keelan says yes whatever my mate wants but doesn't see the point of conceding that issue...but of course leaves him alone when the danger IS RIGHT THERE..um..huh? 
I'm not even going to start in on the sex and dirty talk..I skimmed it as much as possible.
And then there was one scene I could have sworn was a telephone convo but he kept saying things about the look in the other guys eyes and stuff, so I wasn't sure, even when he said he's in a car and needs to drive there, I was still confused as to where he was, there or not there? 
But it wasn't worth rereading to try and figure it out.

So, well, yeah, not for me.