Eidolon - Jordan L. Hawk
I finished Widdershins today and immediately went out and bought this short Valentine's day short.
This one is from Griffin's perspective, which was great. The first one was all from Whyborne's and although I love him, I was so happy to see what Griffin is thinking. And honestly? I was surprised at his doubts about himself. 
Whyborne revealed his feelings of inadequacies in the first book, and now it's Griffin's turn.
“I was in love.
Moreover, I was in love with a man who, with his intelligence and breeding, could have his pick of a dozen others.”

Griffin has his own demons and how wonderful that his lover gives him the same sense of peace and love that he can give Whyborne.

“Whyborne changed all that. Like the missing shard of a shattered mirror, whose presence made the rest of the pieces fit again. Not perfectly, or without seam, but enough to trick the eye into thinking maybe it had never been broken in the first place after all.”

He is such a sweet romantic man, and this short is a must for all fans of the first book. The case is closed and a little more about the town itself is revealed in this short too.
I wonder if we will hear more about the things that came up in this book later on in the others?