Threshold  - Jordan L. Hawk

Ok, first things first, I will never be a fan of m/m historicals for the reasons I mentioned in my review of Widdershins, but, and this is a big but ( NOT that kind of butt) this series is the exception and definitely worth reading and I can absolutely recommend it! ( even to historical haters like me)

I am loving these guys more and more each book and the freaky scary cases they so bravely and cleverly solve are creative and fun ( in a freaky and scary kind of way, of course).
I felt their relationship really took a turn for the better in this book, they had a crisis of faith, so to speak and some of Griffin's doubts and worries were brought up.
Whyborne is still as cute as could be. No wonder Griffin loves him and Christine ( the awesomely kickass chick that she is) is his friend.
“Forgive me, I hate to suggest it, but is it possible she came to harm at the hands of the man she went to meet?” I asked. “Threshold is no Whitechapel, but…”
“Well, ain’t you sweet!” exclaimed Miss Hatford.
How could pointing out their profession carried with it the danger of death and dismemberment possibly be “sweet?” But they all leveled fond looks at me, so I refrained from asking. Griffin would be proud.”

Gotta love him! 
This book was a little bloodier than the first and whereas in book 1 Whyborne's past was brought to the front, here it is Griffin's past.
Anyway, I LOVE this couple and I love Christine and I love seeing them fighting the baddies and falling even more for each other and now I'm off to buy book 3.