Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk
*sigh* I've discovered an author who's going on my auto buy list!
I started with the Widdershins and then ran out and boughtThreshold and Eidolon. ( and considering I am an historical-hater that's saying a lot about those books)
Then I remembered I had this one and couldn't wait to get started.
First let me say, these are all self published and you really get a big bang (and word count) for your buck.

Jordan L. Hawk has a very vivid imagination, slightly freaky and scary, but I can appreciate that. 
The blurb just doesn't do this book justice IMHO. I wouldn't have bought it based on the blurb, it's so much more. 
Good versus evil, corruption, redemption, freaky scary un-dead, annoying and sullen teenagers, guilt, lots of guilt.
It's about putting others before yourself, doing your best and learning from your mistakes and doing the right thing and maybe just being more than you think you are.
And did I mention the scary stinky un-dead? 
Anyway..Dan is just sort of doing what he has to. Not really living his life but taking his responsibility to his siblings very seriously. He really really underestimates himself.
“Leif was so sophisticated, with his fancy car and his sword, and his talk of traveling around hunting necromancers that Dan felt like a kid or a country bumpkin beside him. Way out of Dan’s league, both personally and professionally, but somehow, it made it even more important he not screw this up. He wanted to prove himself, to show Leif he could handle a haint.”
Leif is so full of self doubt and hatred but he wants, he reallywants to do the right thing.
“It fit perfectly with his reserve, with the sense he kept a hard shell between the world and the vulnerable core of himself.
And I’m the one he wanted to let inside. It stole his breath and made his chest ache. How can I say no to that?”

This was full of action, fighting paranormal forces, interesting worlds and lore, smart and kickass woman ( Taryn and Bea) and love. 

Anyway this book held my attention, kept me on the edge of my seat and I wouldn't mind seeing what the future holds for all of them in another book.