This was a crash for me

Crashing the Comicon (Wolves of Stone Ridge) - Charlie Richards
need an intervention. Seriously, I can not stop reading these books even though I end up grumping about certain aspects.
I mean, it's not like I read vampire/shifter stories for the realism. I LIKE the mate/mine trope. The instant attraction and undeniability of the pairing in these kind of stories.
But *I spoiler here so go away if you don't want to know what's going to happen*

Dirk was abducted and sexually and physically assaulted by a group of shifters. I can totally get he's freaking the fuck out about this new guy saying pretty much the same lines to him as kidnapping/rapist asshole did, but Seb ( the vampire who lurves him) breaks in to his room and explains it all, he's just all, oh yeah, I trust you, awesome, I am totally over that and let's get on with the sexing. *sigh*
Then ( totally irrelevant, I know) how did all these other people/wolf shifters/ vampires etc manage to get rooms in the hotel a convention is being held at? LAST MINUTE. I know, I know, Mandy, let it go, but you know, it's in my brain the whole time.
Then how many homophobes does a short book really need? How many people need to get threatening or muttering fag? I don't know, but I guess you need quite a few of them. ( not to forget the bimbo chicks hitting on hot vamp) I don't mind per-names too much but cutie got old really fast.
Oh and did Dirk really refer to his abductor and rapist and abuser ( whiles he you know, trying to re-kidnapp him) as hisEX??!'
I know we all have ex's that were assholes, but referring to thisguy as an ex? Well..NOT ok. He's not an ex, they met had dinner, 4 days later he's in a cage being passed around as a sex toy and beaten. Although that does make all my ex's look really good in comparison. Who knew? 
Just for those of you who are worried, all the abuse is in the past on only fleetingly referred to, since you know, all Dirk needed was the magical Vamp and his bites and dick to totally get over any of that trauma. 
*sigh* I'm grumpy and I shouldn't be. I know this is how these books sometimes are and yet I can't stop, because when there aren't stupid characters in them acting, you know, stupid. I LIKE the mate-mine-growl-sex. Rinse and repeat. 
Just for the pure brainless fluff of it, but then sometimes my brain won't take a hike like I want it too and I end up grumpy.