He does a lot more than Kiss Joan Collins...

Kissing Joan Collins (Valentine's Day 2012 from MLR Press) - Lex Valentine
I won this as an audiobook. And it finally got me to venture over to audible ( popping my audible cherry, so to speak). 

I've had good and less than good ( sometimes downright awful experience with audiobooks) and this one was definitely good. The narrator was nice to listen to and I could tell who was who.

The story is a very sweet friends-to-lovers one. Logan has loved Chase since the first day he saw him at college, but Chase is perfect and Logan is sure he doesn't stand a chance. So he keeps his feelings well hidden and enjoys the close friendship they have.
Now, a decade later Chase is going to change the status quo and he picks a very interesting and sexy way of doing it.
This one really is sweet, very sweet, totally fluffy and great for a feel-good, no angst, lots of luv and sexy heels kind of read. ( or in my case hear)