Locke and Key

Locke & Key - Megan Derr
Locke And Key 3*

Sigh, I don't mind fucked up guys acting like assholes, but I do expect some major groveling and mea culpa galore. Didn't happen. 
Locke and Key have been partners in vampire hunting for almost 6 years. Locke's a grumpy butt with a bad attitude but when he discovers Key's secret he's an asshole squared. 
A little more backstory would have been good and a hellava lot more groveling was necessary for me to like it.
Key I liked a lot and I want to know where the kitten is! 

Sharing 3*

This should have been a perfect story for me. I LOVE my m/m/m stories. 
Alas, like the first, it was a little lacking in the backstory and I didn't quite get the reasoning or emotions or logistics.
Preston is cool and I liked the 2 Vamps. But did they just want him because he's a hunter? Or what? And what now? 

The Housekeeper 3.85* 
This was my favorite of the three stories.
Richard ( we met him in Sharing) is a top vamp and his housekeeper Trevor has fallen for him, but Richard doesn't seem to even notice him.
Unrequited love sucks, and then some.
Like the other two stories in this book. I really really wish it had been longer and more indepth.