Liam Davis & The Raven

Liam Davis & The Raven - Anyta Sunday

This was such an awesome read.

We have Liam, he's clumsy, blunt, oblivious, a bit socially awkward, honest, helpful, thoughtful, strangely astute, loyal and very passionate about his writing and any other goal he sets himself.
I absolutely loved him.

“As a reporter, I’d learned to tamper down my feelings so I could focus on delivering facts. And I was good at it, because emotion didn’t come easily to me.”

But he is also lonely and has to deal with some jerks at the newspaper along with trying to get his totally absent father's attention.
When his editor gives him the party page column instead of the political page he prefers, he gives it his best, as always, but he is in over his head. Little did he know that going to that party will be the start of a whole new way of life and outlook for him.

"I couldn’t get enough of trying to make sense of this bleached-blond, green-eyed, broad-shouldered, club-eared man who seemed so at ease at these parties. Maybe, if I studied him long enough, I’d uncover the key ingredient to fitting in well in social situations”

But this is more than just Liam's story, he doesn't develop and grow in a vacuum.
He finds friends and there are other supporting characters. There is of course Quinn, who turns out to be a really great guy.
Having Quinn around really is much better than a cat. 
“For whatever reason, whenever he spoke or laughed or moved around, the room didn’t seem to echo him. It was like he soaked everything up and added warmth to the room that had been missing since I’d moved in.”

Then there is Shannon and my favorite guy Hunter. 
really love Hunter, that boy deserves an awesome happy end of his own!
Even if Liam was the focus of this book, his friends play important and major roles in his life and in the story. It was wonderful watching him come in to his own, grow and feel far more comfortable in his own skin.
“Everything you set your mind to do, you do with a perfectionist’s heart. And I know you want to do perfect by your friends too.”

The mystery surrounding the Raven wasn't all that hard (at least for me) to figure out, of course I am an avid murder mystery and true crime fanatic and am constantly trying to figure out whodunit.

It was funny, entertaining, touching and a really good book! It covers a lot of ground, including some serious issues, but does it in such a fun, easy and thoroughly entertaining manner that left me completely charmed.

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