Galen and the Forest Lord

Galen and the Forest Lord - Eden Winters
This is such a ridiculous, fluffy, silly and cute story. It certainly doesn't take itself too seriously, even if there is a lesson or two in it.

Galen's been had, now he's banished ( which means he's now dinner for the wolves in the forest) but things aren't exactly what they look like.
So Galen is now among another kind of people, shifters.
“Galen tried to remember what few manners he'd been taught, only recalling two, and neither “don't spit in the house” nor “close the privy door” seemed to fit this particular situation.”
At least he does try to be on his best behavior. 
Now Erik, The Lord isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer so his aunt helps him figure a few things out. Like this : 
“Erik located the human's room with little trouble. A huge placard on the door read, “Human inside. Alone. Naked,” in his aunt's distinctively flowery script.”

All in all a very lighthearted quick read.