Shiny! - Amy Lane


Now I know Amy Lane is supposed to be the queen of angst, although since I usually avoid angst like the plague, that could be a rumor. But I do know that she is also the queen of sweet, funny, fluffy and Shiny goodness.

Kenny and Will, it shouldn't work, but boy does it! 
"But… but…,” Kenny sputtered, “I’m gay!” Will laughed and shook his head. “Yeah, but at least you’re not a witch,” he said and reached down to gather the rest of the weirdness from the road.” 
They really understand each other! they enjoy the same things and they are so good for each other. I loved seeing their friendship and then more develop. 
“For a moment Kenny considered being overwhelmed, but then he realized that not only did Will speak his language, he apparently lived in Kenny’s home country.”

It's told sort of backwards. We start at the end and find out how we get there.
“He was just such a nice man. Kenny did snarky—he got snarky. But Will was just so… so… sweet.”
“You’re… you’re like the friend I always wanted and never thought I could have!”

If you want a happy sweet book that will leave you with a smile on your face, then this might be the book for you! :)